All Perfect Detailing



I would highly recommend. I have been reguarly visiting All Perfect & Detailing for several years. I was referred by a coworker whose vehicle caught my eye due the sleekness and shine. They are friendly, offer competitive prices and always ensure a fantastic job. Even after several days, my car still looks clean and polished. (I get the #3). I have referred several people, including a family member who has the vehicle fully detailed twice a year and the car always comes out gleaming and lustrous.

What I really enjoy, unlike other facilities, they HAND wash every car. You dont have to ask or pay extra for this service. I see a major overall impact on the appearance of my vehicle. The only con I found are the hours. They are open Mon-Sat 8-5pm and closed on Sundays. I am never able to get my vehicle washed during the work week because of this.